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Standard Flat Pack Stubby Holders from $1.16

Product Code: SHA-10

Item Description: Flat Pack Stubby Holders (Minimum Order is 50 items)

Prices per item for orders of 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 units:

SHA-103MM FLAT PACK STUBBYIMPORT (3 weeks)SEWN SEAMS1 COLOUR$4.35 per item$3.02 per item$2.42 per item$1.98 per item$1.61 per item
SHA-103MM FLAT PACK STUBBYIMPORT-SEA FREIGHT (8 to 10 weeks)SEWN SEAMS1 COLOURN/AN/AN/A$1.49 per item$1.16 per item
SHA-10A3MM FLAT PACK STUBBYIMPORT (3 weeks)SEWN SEAMSFULL COLOUR$4.62 per item$3.24 per item$2.63 per item$2.11 per item$1.69 per item

Notes about delivery times (ETA):

IMPORT (3 weeks): The standard delivery time for stubbies that are imported by air is 3 weeks.

They cost less than styles made in Australia but you’ll need to wait a little longer to have them delivered.

IMPORT-SEA (8-10 weeks): The standard delivery time for stubby holders imported by sea is 8 to 10 weeks, and is only available for large orders starting at 500 units.

Although you’ll need to wait longer, this option offers significant savings of up to 30% or more for larger orders and it’s very popular with clients who can wait a little longer to get an additional discount.

AUSSIE (2-3 weeks): The standard delivery time for stubby holders made in Australia is 2 to 3 weeks. Although they are affordable, they do cost a little extra and we can have them ready much faster. It’s a popular choice for orders that need to be completed quickly. The minimum order quantity for most styles is 50 units and you can see an example over here: SHA-1

For larger quantities click here for a quote (Minimum Order 50 items): contact us


Item Description:

Here’s a short video we made to explain more about this stubby holder (although it was initially shot for another website of ours, it’s the same item and the video shares useful information):

These versatile and dependable flat pack Stubby Holders with stitched seams are made from high quality 3 mm neoprene and come with a collapsible bottom so they can be folded to be stored easily or to mail them out as part of a marketing or an outreach campaign.

They are also great for tradesmen or sporting events, as they fit comfortably in most pockets.

They are a popular alternative among many event organizers who need a stubby that can be folded flat to fit into a bag of goodies for corporate events, training weekends or seminars.

Flat pack stubby holders are perfect for clients who want a persuasive, quality promotional product that is flexible and memorable.

You can learn more about how to place an order over here: How to Order and here’s our FAQ page: Frequent Questions Page

If you are ready to place an order or need help, let us know here: Contact Us or return to the Stubby Holders or Neoprene Products pages.

Click here to learn more about the process: How to Place an Order

We deliver Australia wide and whether you are looking for stubby holders Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or any other capital city, we have free delivery on our coolers and other neoprene products to all East Coast Capital Cities. For additional freight to other capitals or regional areas please see our price list.

Here is a price list of our general promo products range and minimum quantities!

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