Stubby Holders Australia

How to Choose & Order

On this page, we’ll go over the main points you need to consider to choose the right stubbies for your event and submit your order.

How can I submit an order?

This is the overall process (we’ll cover the details later on this page)

First, contact us and share your product and order details, including the style or model; for example: SHA-1 or SHA2, as well as how many units you want, how fast you need them, the print method you’d like to use, and so on.

Here are the details and images of our Stubbies: List of Stubbies

Here are our prices: Price list

You can contact us here: Contact Page

Second, send us your artwork and designs, or let us know if you need help.

Third, complete your payment using the available options we’ll share with you. Sit back, relax and get your stubbies delivered on time.

That’s the summarized version of the process. Now, let’s go over the details. Here we go!


What do I need to place an order?

To help you with the process and expedite your order, we have created a convenient checklist that will ensure we have everything we need to get things started. Here it is:

Click here to see our full range of Stubby Holders: Show me some Stubbies!


Product Details:

Item code Number: Choose a Stubby Holder Style and let us know the model number (for example SHA-1 or SHA-2)

You can see the photos and details of our stubbies here: List of Stubbies

And you can review the price of each item here: Price list

Item quantity: Define the amount of Stubby Holders you want to order

Item colour(s): Choose the colour(s) of your Stubby Holders

Print colour(s):

  • For full colour printing, we need to use CMYK colours.
  • For screen printing, we need to use PMS colours. You can learn more about them here: PMS colours.


Artwork and Design:

Decoration layout: The details of the layout you have in mind for your stubbies need to be shared with us. You can do a rough layout in a Word document to help, or even a drawing on a piece of paper you can scan and send. It doesn’t need to be perfect but let us know what you want and where you want it. We can also send an art template if you are using your own designer.

Artwork: Provide Artwork files (Logos, Images, Photos, etc.) so we can print them on your Stubby Holders. Click here to learn more about supported artwork files and formats: Artwork page


Payment and Delivery Details:

Delivery address: Provide the physical address where you’d like us to deliver your order. Also, please share the information of a contact person as well as a phone number so we can get in touch in case the courier needs to contact you. (hey, it happens once in a while)

Due date: Let us know what is the due date in case you have a precise deadline for your order (for example, if you need them for an event.) We work hard to deliver Stubbies as quickly as possible, but we need to know your order’s due date at the time of order to make sure we can complete it on time.

Fulfill payment: Your order will need to be paid after final art approval before production can begin unless other arrangements have been made with the accounts department.

Final Order Delivery: Receive your order and enjoy cool drinks all around at your event!


How can I place an order?

Once you have a clear idea of what you need and have the details related to the styles for your order, you can submit them on our Contact page using the order form available here: Contact

Click here to see our full range of Stubby Holders: Show me some Stubbies!


Art Approval:

It is important that we have the right file type in order to ensure high quality final print results.

If you don’t have your logo image in the format we require, don’t worry we can get them redrawn quickly and add it to your design for a minimal cost.

You can learn more about this by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions on our other site, here: FAQ Page as well as our Artwork page here: Artwork


After Art Approval:

After your art is signed off, we will schedule your order for production, and we will send you an invoice for payment.



You can complete your payment using any of the following methods:

  • Credit Card (with a 2.5% surcharge due to our friends at the bank) Visa or Mastercard accepted.
  • EFT Bank Transfer (details are included on your quote or invoice)
  • Check (3-5 business days to clear)

Production cannot be started until payment is made. The estimated delivery times are generally 2-3 weeks for all items made in Australia, 3 weeks for items delivered by air and 8-10 weeks if your order is coming by sea freight.

You can learn more about this by visiting our FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to see our full range of Stubby Holders: Show me some Stubbies!


Got another question?

If you have a question that has not been covered on this page, or our Frequently Asked Questions page: Here please contact us on this page: Contact Page and let us know how we can help.