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PMS Colours

In the context of printing, the term PMS stands for Pantone Matching System and it is a universal system to make sure that any colour(s) are printed the same way anywhere regardless of the location.

It is relatively similar to the way paint is mixed at a paint store, where a specific colour is derived from a mix of different colours.

This page is provided as a guide only and it is important to keep in mind that colours can look slightly different from one computer screen to another.

Based on your logo or the graphics you’d like us to print for you, we can suggest what we consider the PMS colour is but at the end of the day you need to confirm that it is in fact the colour you want. If you want to make absolutely sure you have the right colour, you could visit a local printer and ask them to see their PMS book so you can double-check you have the right colour. If you had a graphic designer create your logo they will have the PMS colours.

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