Stubby Holders Australia


What if I don’t have finished artwork for my stubby holder order?

There is no need to worry. You can get a graphic designer to create it for you, or we can organize it for you for a reasonable price to make things easier.
If you let us know what you you would like to have printed on your Stubby holder, we will give you a quote based on the needs of your project.
Or you can make a simple sketch using a piece of paper, scan it and send it to us as an attachment for a quote to have our designers create it for you. Most layouts cost between $20 to $40.

What if I don’t live in a Capital city?

No problem, we’ve got you covered. You can check the extra freight for most areas at the bottom of the price list to find out the cost of having your Stubbies sent to your address.

What if I want a stubbie holder that is shown as a 1 or 2 colour print, but I need more colours printed?

That’s easy! You can have extra colours on screen printed stubby holders. Please check the price list for this information. Sometimes if alot of extra colours are involved or the design has half tones, shading or fine lines it will be better to print as a sublimated full colour print. In summary, it can be done. Just ask and we will point you in the right direction.

I am confused as to the difference between full colour, sublimation and photographic stubby holders. What is the difference?

None, they all mean the same thing. Sublimation print reproduces a photographic image on a stubby holder.

What do I need to provide you for a full colour print?

Well, it depends. Most people like to use photographs for this process.
It is also good for complex art work with fine details and many colours.
All you need to do is send a digital photo using JPEG format with a resolution of 300+dpi.

If I select a stubby holder that is printed can I have it done in full photographic colour?

Most of the screen printed products can be done in full colour. Check the price list for this information. Remember, we are here to hep you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

What format does our logo need to be in?

Logos need to be supplied as either High Resolution PDF files or as EPS vector files(Ai Preferred) with all fonts converted to curves or outlines to make sure you get a high quality printing resolution.

Why isn’t GST included in the price?

A printed promotional product, which includes stubby holders, is a wholesale industry and, as such, all products and services are quoted ex. GST.

You can often claim this back through your business.

When purchasing retail items from stores GST is always included in the price.
If you are in any doubt on this point ask your accountant so he/she can clarify all the details for your specific case.

You have listed the colours available for all of the different stubbie holders. What colours can we have the printing done in?

Any colour that you would like. You just need to tell us the PMS colours that you would like.

What are PMS colours?

PMS means Pantone Matching System, and is an international system used to deliver the same colour regardless of what country the printing is done.

In most cases this degree of exactness is not required, however many large corporations use specific PMS colours in their logos for consistency of their brand image.

Be aware that the colour of most computer monitors can vary considerably. Whoever created your logo would be able to tell you the PMS colours so in cases where an exact match is required (such as corporate logos for large companies), make sure to double check and ask the right person.

What is an EPS file?

EPS stands for encapsulated postscript and is a standard file type used by graphic designers and printers. You generally will not be able to open this file.

What does convert to curves mean?

Fonts can cause problems when sending artwork to the printers.
If you’ve used a typeface that the printer doesn’t have, the artwork will print incorrectly.
This is why you’ll find that fonts within most logos will have been converted to curves, or outlines.

Curves which are also known as ‘Vectors‘ are images, independent of pixel and resolution that can be scaled up or down infinitely without any loss of quality.

This means that the text is no longer text – it has become a graphic, so will display correctly.

In other words, by converting regular images to “curves”, you can make fonts and logos bigger without losing quality or having it look pixelated as it gets bigger. It is something like stretching a rubber band that can grow infinitely as needed.

How long does delivery take?

Standard production time is 10 – 14 working days after you have signed off on the artwork.
Depending on your location, allow a couple of extra days for delivery.

What if I have an urgent order?

We can arrange urgent deliveries. Depending on the needs of your projects, we will advise the best course of action while keeping constraints related to budget and delivery times in mind.

Email us the details and we will help you along the way to make sure your stubbies look amazing and that they are delivered on time.