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Personalised Stubby Holders Northern Territory Business Ideas

Blessed with unadulterated natural wonders like rainforests, the savannah landscapes and the Simpson desert, the Northern Territory is a favourite tourist destination of travelers that don’t mind its warm and humid climate. Domestic tourism in this area is booming with tourist expenditures rising amidst the gloomy economic situation around the world.

Because keeping cool can be quite a challenge in this tropical zone, savvy  businesses take advantage of the heat by advertising on personalised stubby holders. Northern Territory outdoor activities frequently call for ice cold beers wrapped in these holders. Printing your company name and logo on them can increase your marketing mileage.

Why They are so Popular

Also known as stubbie holders, beer coolers or can koozies they are a popular sight in pubs, bars, restaurants, barbeques, parties and gatherings, especially in the North. After all, beer is Australia’s favourite drink.

They are made of a stretchy foam material, usually neoprene, which moulds itself around the base of beer cans and bottles while insulating their contents so drinks stay icy cold longer. The material is also highly absorbent keeping your hand free from moisture and giving it a firm grip as well. The simple reason that they are so popular in the humid climate of the north is that drinks quickly become too warm to consume without them.

Business Ideas for Promotion and Profit

Holders for sale

They are useful in outdoor events and places that serve refreshments. With their affordable prices, you can earn a lot from selling these items to drinking customers. Suppliers sell them at wholesale prices when you purchase them in large quantities so it’s easy to add a tidy markup while keeping your selling prices affordable. Increase your sales further by adding your name and contact details. Northern Territory is home to many unique attractions which can serve as ideas for souvenir items.

Be a Wholesaler

You can also start a business selling promotional coolers to small and medium sized establishments that often need marketing collateral at certain times of the year. If you are a local business person you can target a specific industry and  get samples of personalised drink holders from us. With these samples and your local credibility, it’s easy to convince company heads to order these items from you. We have a special pricing structure for wholesale clients so call us to discuss your options.

Marketing Giveaways

You can also promote your own company with personalised stubby holders. It is good to be seen ‘practicing what you preach’. The Northern Territory comprises one-sixth of Australia’s territory, making it necessary to advertise to this large region using economical items. You’ll be able to reach more people without going for broke with these holders. We offer delivery of stubby holders Northern territory wide so contact us for your needs.

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