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Tourism is the Gold Coast’s main source of income with almost 1 out of every 4 dollars generated from related businesses. With its long coastline and numerous beaches, local and foreign travellers naturally head off to its shores for surfing, swimming or simply hanging out. The perfect time to chill with cans or bottles of ice cold beer. Up and coming businesses cannot pick a better way to promote their products and services than with stubby holders. Gold Coast beach combers and surfers are often seen holding their beers with these items.

Consider the following features of these items as tourist destination giveaways:


Keeping beer cool in sunny weather can be a challenge. Adding ice may help but it dilutes the flavour of any beverage and melts quickly in the Australian heat. Stubby holders, also known as koozies, coolers or beer holders are attractive wraps that are used to cover the lower base of beer cans, bottles or glasses. These are usually made of neoprene, a high density foam material that not only retains the cool temperatures of drinks but also keeps moisture away from your hand. Good quality ones have the seams glued and taped or glued and stitched so that they can be used over and over for years to come.

They Look Good

Beer coolers come in various designs and a wide range  of bright colours to complement your tourism event or establishment. Neoprene foam is a  flexible material to work with so you can create any shape that you fancy. You can have barrel shapes which fit most canned beverages, slim cylindrical shapes for ladies drinks and cruisers and even zippered wraps which are suitable for wine bottles.

Highly Customizable

Getting your business name and message across is easy because stubbie holders can be custom printed using advanced printing technology. With a relatively large printing area on each one, you can easily display your logo or picture, catchy phrase and contact information.

Many resorts or hotels have an attractive photo of their establishment or recreation facilities on them along with some text and contact details. These photographs can bring back fond holiday memories whenever the stubby coolers are used.

Tourist spots and events are always full of fun and energy. Match these occasions with lively and useful stubby holders. Gold Coast businesses and establishments can now compare prices and order their giveaways online, with special discounts for bulk purchases.

If you want stubby holders Gold Coast delivery is prompt. We have several manufacturers Australia wide, one of which is in Brisbane which is handy if you have an urgent need. If you have extra time available you may like to take advantage of the substantial savings of one of our off shore options.

Check out Our Styles and contact us for a quote. You will be surprised at how cost effective these marketing tools are.


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