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Government Projects Benefit From Using Promotional Stubby Holders

Is your government department embarking on a campaign to help people stop smoking? Or holding a waste management education program to preserve the seas and the forests? Or sponsoring economic forums to encourage entrepreneurship and increase global and local trading? Drumming up interest in and support for government projects can be difficult as people tend to think of them as boring – but not if you use stubby holders to promote your projects and keep people informed.

Made from a durable and lightweight material called neoprene, these novel items are used to keep beer bottles, cans, glasses, and even wine bottles cool as they effectively insulate the temperature of their contents. Commonly used as the fabric material for diving suits and wet suits, neoprene is also elastic and non-slip, perfect for holding your favourite bottle of beer.

Why you should use them for promoting government projects

High visibility

Beer is a drink of choice found at in bars, barbeques, restaurants, parties, gatherings, homes, and social activities. A holder that keeps those bottles, cans and glasses of beer cool will be frequently used and highly visible, perfect for promoting your project or campaign. And everybody wants one! For non alcoholic events they are also useful as can coolers for soft drinks and as water bottle holders. You can even get square ones designed to hold milk cartons.


Government projects require massive campaigns at minimal cost. Only personalised stubby holders fit the bill. They provide maximum marketing mileage while still remaining within your budget so you can reach more people with less money.

Eye Catching

These promotional items come in the colours guaranteed to attract attention. You can also have them printed in full photographic colour. Aside from having them in a wide range of colours, these coolers can be designed in many ways—with our without a base, with a lid, or with a slim fit to wrap around ladies’ bottles or wine coolers.

Custom Design

Unleash your creative side to create a unique look to promote your project by putting a logo, graphic design, photo or words on these items. With high-tech printing processes, customizing your message is easy and the possibilities are endless as you can put anything you want on them.

Government projects and campaigns are often long-running, requiring continuous awareness and support. Whether it’s a health program, calamity outreach project, or any other activity that requires the public’s participation, using stubby holders is an effective promotional tool that boosts social awareness.

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