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Liven Up Your Party with Stubby Holder Giveaways

Want to have a party that your guests will remember for a long time? Give each guest a personalised stubby holder to take home. Party souvenirs are de rigueur in social gatherings such as birthdays, weddings, and bachelor/ bachelorette parties. You want your friends to go home happy and with good memories of your party. Using a stubby holder as a party favour can serve a lot of uses.

Stubby Holder Slap Wrap

Stubby Holder Slap Wrap

During the party
When you give away a stubby holder to each guest, it can be used to hold his or her drink and keep it cool all throughout the occasion. The neoprene or foamy material effectively locks in the temperature of beer or any drink while keeping your guests’ hands dry.

That’s not all
You can ask your supplier to make them in different colours and shapes as well as to custom-print funny messages that are sure to be crowd pleasers and conversational pieces during the party. Get great design ideas from your supplier or bring your own to them for printing.

With customization, you can also choose what colours to give out to specific guests and have their own names printed on each one for the perfect personalised gift. With personalised stubby holders, there’ll be no more confusion at the table so everyone will have uninterrupted fun at the party.

After the party
Guests ordinarily look forward to the party favours that they get to bring home. The best giveaways are those that last a long time and have visible reminders of the event. A beer holder is durable, attractive and reusable. When your guest brings one home, it will surely be used countless times making it easy to relive those memories every now and then. Want a photograph of the celebrant on the holder? Not a problem with advanced custom printing technology that allows you to print anything you want on your holder.

Schooner Beer Cooler

Schooner Beer Cooler

Other fun uses
Want an inexpensive gift to give away in Christmas? Consider a stubby holder in red or green. Add a Christmas print in silver or gold, a cheery holiday greeting and your name and voila, you have a greeting card and gift in one. It’s perfect for the holiday season when parties and family gatherings always serve drinks. With colourful beer holders for everyone, colour coordinated to your table’s colour theme, your dinner table or party will certainly be a sight to behold.

So for your next party or gathering, contact us for your stubby holder giveaways.

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