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SHA is a company that focuses on delivering creative promotional products and branding solutions to local businesses and government agencies around the country. We are an innovative company that likes to keep things simple by using cost-effective promotional items such as a stubbies, can coolers and other promotional ideas depending on the needs of each specific project.

 Find the Right Stubbies for your Project

With over a decade of experience, we have learned that keeping things simple and transparent is a crucial element for establishing successful long-term relationships with our customers. Because of this, we have defined a pricing structure that focuses on simplicity. There are no hidden costs with us; the pricing of stubby holders includes setup, printing and delivery. There are no last-minute surprises or unexpected expenses. (Note: it is important to clarify that our free shipping policy is limited to stubby holders only, not the other promotional items featured on the site).

There many ways to use stubby holders creatively to promote a brand, product or event. Some of the most popular include: giving them away at product launches and major corporate events to increase overall brand recognition, using them as presents at government sponsored awareness campaigns that promote the well-being of the general population, and to show appreciation to suppliers and vendors and make them feel part of your team. Additionally, they are also a popular alternative for team outings and office celebrations.

If you are looking for a company that besides being a supplier of stubbies, has the ability to add value to your campaigns with experienced advice, then do not hesitate to give us a call on 1800 772 869. We have a large variety of promotional products solutions and years of experience that have proven to be a valuable asset for many of our satisfied customers. Let us help you make things happen.

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