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Beating the Heat with Stubbie Holders Northern Australia

Most of the tourist attractions in Australia are located in the outskirts of major cities like Sydney. Depending on one’s type of adventure, there’s an appropriate region around to suit every tourist’s whim. The rugged traveler will most likely find himself in the Australian wildlife of Northern Australia.

The Northern Territories comprise about one-sixth of Australia’s total land area. It is a tropical zone that has two seasons, a summer and winter. Summers in this region are hot and humid so thirsty tourists are bound to enjoy ice cold beers in this climate. Tourist destinations with hot climates are sure to have stubbie holders. Northern Australia businesses use these items regularly to promote their products and services during the tourist season from June to October.

Why beer holders

Beer holders are typically used to wrap the base of beer cans, bottles and glasses so that drinks stay icy fresh longer. These are made of high density foam material, usually neoprene which is typically used for diving suits, that quickly absorbs moisture and insulates drinking containers, making stubbie holders Northern Australia giveaways necessities for beer drinkers.

Flexible design

These holders are not just for wrapping beers. They can be made to fit other types of drinks like ladies cruisers and even wine bottles. But you can’t go wrong with the common barrel type which fits most canned drinks. Other designs include holders with zippers and cases that can carry several beer cans at the same time. It’s best to choose a design that will appeal to your target market.

Conversation pieces

Novelty items always get talked about the most during gatherings. Make your beer holders conversation pieces by custom printing funny images or messages on them. You can increase company or brand awareness when more people talk about your advertising items. Suppliers can help by custom printing pictures and bylines using advanced printing technology. The outcome is fun and stylish as well.

Frequent Use

When temperatures rise and humidity levels become unbearable, beer holders become must-haves among tourists and residents of tropical regions like Northern Australia. Putting your company name and logo on these frequently used items increases your business exposure.


Working around your advertising budget is important at a challenging time like a global financial crisis. Fortunately, it is economical to use stubbie holders. Northern Australia business owners should only order large quantities (at low unit prices) from premium, reputable designers and sellers.

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