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Stubby Holders Queensland Australia – They Make Great Souvenirs


Blessed with a warm climate 300 days of the year, Queensland is a favourite holiday destination of both local and international tourists. There are many things to do in Queensland, many of which are outdoor recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling, and enjoying a barbeque and al fresco dining. The outdoor temperature, however, can make even ice cold beer feel lukewarm just minutes after opening one. This is why most pubs and resorts sell personalised stubby holders. Queensland tourist establishments make easy income with these hot sales items as they have a good margin and high demand.

A Beer Drinker’s Must-Have Item

Also known as stubbie coolers, these holders serve many purposes for the tourist. Made of a high density foam material which has good insulating properties, they are used to wrap the base of beer cans and bottles, effectively retaining the cool temperature of beer. The neoprene material, which is often used for diving suits and other sports gear, is also highly absorbent, keeping hands dry while you enjoy your beer. It is a non slip material as well allowing you a firm grip on your drink.

If your business is a favourite tourist spot, you may want to consider selling Stubby holders to your patrons. They are guaranteed saleable items because of the following key selling points:


Tourists love taking home Queensland tourist souvenirs. With personalised stubby holders, pubs and resorts can use these items as attractive saleable items or giveaways. All you have to do is us to custom print your name, logo and an image to remind your guests of your establishment. With attractive colours and a variety of designs to choose from, you can create a unique souvenir that guests will find hard to resist.

Marketing Hint

A good marketing hint for accommodation suppliers is to place two stubby holders in each room, and also offer them for sale at your reception desk or in your store, if you have one. One of two things will happen. A lot of people will just ‘nick them’ in which case you can turn a blind eye, knowing you have factored the cost of them in. Or, they will ask to purchase them. This is your opportunity to foster customer relations. You can train your staff to say “because you were so honest (most people aren’t) I’m going to give them to you for free, would you like to purchase a couple more as souvenirs for friends?” They are more than likely to say yes.  The end result for you is that, any way, regardless of whether they nicked them, were given them or purchased them they will go home with a story. Holiday tales are great for marketing because it takes the conversation with there friends to exactly where you want it, YOUR ESTABLISHMENT! And you know the story will accompany the inspection, by all, of the stubby holder in question.


Stubby holders are lightweight and easy to store. They can be folded away and stashed between items in your backpack or luggage without risk of damage. They can even be used to protect delicate items. They are also reusable so guests can just take them home after using.

Affordable price

They are inexpensive items so your guests are more likely to buy several pieces to take back home or as gifts or souvenirs  for. Let’s face it, men are often really hard to buy for at the best of times, let alone that magical, under $10 price point that souvenirs fall into.  As a business owner, the key is to order them in bulk from a supplier that offers volume discounts for large quantities. Even with your markup, your beer holders will still be affordable enough to easily compete with other souvenir items.

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