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Why Drink Coolers and Holders are effective

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Customer engagement is like long-lasting flirting session that never ends. Since customers are bombarded with at least 3000-5000 marketing messages a day, it can be a little too much for customers to handle. Over time, most people have figured out ways to escape the incoming avalanche of messages wooing them to buy constantly. In effect, they just tune themselves out. They barely glance at your newspaper ads, they discard your flyers, and they dump your brochures into the waste paper basket.

You don’t want your invested money to end up in trash, do you? That’s why it’s important to stand out.

Marketing campaigns must include something that will take note. Perhaps your campaigns can make your customers think or just have a bit of a chuckle. Maybe, you could make them cry. Alternatively, you can make them feel excited, perhaps?

Drink Coolers are very effective

Beer coolers, can coolers, and drinks coolers in general make for great promotion items that can meet all the above-mentioned criteria. Here’s how to go about it:

Thought triggers on drink coolers
Think about it: people tend to sit, ruminate, think, talk, and generally relax when they sit down to sip coffee or guzzle beer with mates. Generally, while drinking, human minds get into a “thinking mode” but with almost nothing in particular to think about most of the times. Why not put a thought trigger on drink coolers when you consider sending them out as promotional items?

Combine effective copy with intriguing design and you’ll have a winner. Look at some examples we made up just for you:

If you had a financial investments advisory company:

“With financial independence, you could guzzle beer anytime without worry”

[Insert a cartoon or some design that packs in a punch] and then

 “Like us On Facebook ”
 “Access Free Report on How to Invest Like a Pro”

If you want to promote your gym (and assuming your customers drink juice or water from a can cooler, they do work on soft drinks too:

“Thank you for sipping pink health”
“Follow us as @gymname”
“Receive Our Black book of Super healthy Diet”

You get the idea, don’t you? You could communicate just by using graphics or copy or both.

Embrace telecommuting and online workers

You don’t need a full-fledged advertising agency for this. You don’t even need full-time copywriters, designers and illustrators. With plenty of talent available on a per project basis on the Internet today and with the rise of telecommuting, all of the work that goes into product development, personalizing drink coolers or stubby holders can be outsourced.

Make it all share-worthy

There’s magic in going viral. Instead of generating designs and copy for one person, include a little message to share the item or give it away for a friend who deserves it more. That gets your product/brand in front of as many people as possible.

In a nutshell, people tend to look at beer coolers, can coolers, drink coolers, and even stubbie holders when they sit down to unwind – the best time to make them think and take action. You can use these ideas for promoting any kind of business, if you think about it.

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