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How to Raise Funds for a Charitable Cause

In today’s competitive business world, custom stubby holders are often used to promote product launches at conference events sponsored by large corporations, but it is also a useful tool for innovative entrepreneurs who are interested in raising funds for charitable causes. This short article will take a look at some ideas to raise funds using these popular promotional products while creating value for all parties involved.

Find Sponsors Who Want to Be Associated with Your Cause

It is true that most companies are interested in making money and generating large amounts of cash for stakeholders, but that does not mean they are not also interested in contributing to good causes.

There are two main reasons that motivate big companies into contributing to fund raisers, one of them is getting tax deductions and the most important one is getting free advertisement in a context that makes them look good in the eyes of many potential customers. Take the time to identify events where people with a certain specific profile might attend, in this context I’m talking about people who are interested in your cause and who also might be interesting for companies from a marketing perspective.

Let’s take a look at an example, let’s think for a moment that you get together with other charitable institutions of your community and organize a 5K race to raise awareness about a specific topic such as diabetes or breast cancer prevention. If you reach out to local companies who might be interested in getting associated with an event like this you could offer them to have their logo imprinted on several promotional products such as embroidered polo T-shirts or sports bottles with custom stubby holders wrapped around them.

These are just a few ideas, there are thousands of ways to make things happen. If you need a hand with ideas let us know.

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