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Considered the real star of Australia because of its majestic and pristine beauty, the Kimberley has gained popularity as a tourist destination in recent years. It has that rare combination of romantic and rugged appeal making it a must-see attraction for both local and international travelers.

Situated in Western Australia and close to the Tropic of Capricorn, the Kimberley has a tropical monsoon climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. A typical day in the region is characterised by sunny, hot and humid weather which goes perfectly with ice cold beer. But keeping your drinks cold in this temperature can be quite a challenge as tourists talk about how their beers can turn warm even before you can pop them open. The perfect solution would be to offer guests in these areas printed stubby holders. The Kimberley tourists are sure to welcome these items to help keep their beers cool.

Business owners in the Kimberley can take advantage of the popularity of beer holders by using these as promotional items. By putting your business name, logo and address on printed stubby holders, The Kimberley tourists can easily find and remember you when they are in your area. Naturally they will take them home and whenever they use them they will be reminded of what a great time they had. Also, after being on a recent holiday most people will use any excuse to talk about it with their friends. This is only human nature as it gives people the chance to relive, in some way, the wonderful times had on the trip. Notice the next time you are socializing with friends who have recently been on holidays. They will use any excuse to bring the conversation back to their travels.

As a business you can take advantage of this by using the appropriate marketing products. Items such as stubbies are something that will be brought out for use in nearly every social situation to come. Thereby giving the opportunity for conversation to return to that time and, of course, your establishment. Another human trait is to immediately look at something if it comes up, even remotely, in conversation. It goes to follow that whenever it is in someones hand, at some point during the occasion, it will at least be looked at and probably discussed. You can’t get better than that for your marketing dollar.

Here are other advantages of using beer holders for your business:

High usability

Ideally, advertising items should be practical and very useful to the recipients for the advertiser to gain maximum marketing mileage. With the hot and humid weather during the tourist season, you can expect these beer holders to be used frequently.

Attractive design

Tourists love getting attractive souvenirs to remind them of their wonderful stay in the Kimberley. Manufactured using neoprene material, beer holders are available in a wide range of colours and can be crafted into unique shapes to suit the image or message of your business.

Easy customization

A catchy by line or a funny image printed on your beer holders is guaranteed to make these items conversation pieces. You can also have them printed with your favourite photo. Your supplier can easily have these custom printed on your giveaways using advanced printing technology.

Inexpensive cost

Keep your marketing costs low while reaching a wide audience when you use beer holders as giveaways. Many suppliers offer special discounts for large quantities so you can actually lower your unit cost condiderably if you order more for your business needs.

Take advantage of the tourist season by handing out printed stubby holders. The Kimberley may be in a remote region but with premium online suppliers, ordering your promotional items is fast and easy.

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