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Corporate Events Promotion with Stubby Holders

Choosing the right company giveaway for promoting a corporate event can be challenging. It has to be attractive, unique, frequently used and inexpensive for your event to gain maximum exposure. While there are thousands of knickknacks being used as promotional items, none is as novel, effective and practical stubby holders.

Advertising promos, gimmicks and corporate gifts constantly form part of the marketing strategy of every business and are crucial to its success. When you give away free items to your target market, you increase awareness of your business, brand, product or service and generate goodwill because people love getting freebies.

Marketing Advantages

Practical item
People enjoy receiving free items that are useful. The more frequent a promotional item is used the more exposure you get. Next to a glass of water, a bottle or can of beer is the most common drink you will find anywhere. Cover that ubiquitous drink with a holder showing your company name and/or logo and you will have a powerful marketing tool.

Easy on the budget
Stubby holders are made of light and inexpensive neoprene material, allowing you to spend less while providing unlimited exposure for your company or event. A good supplier should also be able to give you graduated discounts depending on the volume of your order.

Visual appeal
With a wide array of colours, templates and designs to choose from, these corporate gifts can easily add a touch of class to your company image. Unlike the usual caps, mugs and pens that other companies hand out, a stubby holder is a unique promotional item that you can give away with pride.

Wide printing area
A drink holder is excellent for promotions because you can print so much on it. It has enough space for you to display your logo, company name, tag line and email address or website.

Personalised stubby holders are a great way to let people know about important occasions in your company. Use them for:
•    commemorating your company’s anniversary
•    launching a new product or service
•    maintaining ties with existing clients especially during holidays
•    announcing corporate achievements like a merger, expansion or award
•    attracting people to your booth in an exhibit or convention

Corporate events are special occasions in the life of a company that also serve as marketing opportunities. Don’t take your promotional items for granted. Make the most out of them by choosing a stubby holder to convey who you are and what you have to offer to your market.

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