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Stubby Sucker – Sticks Your Drink on Flat Surfaces

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Stubby Sucker

For larger quantities please contact us for a quote.

Item Description

Stubby Sucker

Made from neoprene with a hole in the middle.

This unique products is designed to keep your drink upright on moving surfaces like boats.

For Larger Quantities Please Contact us for a Quote.

This unique holder is avialable in a large range of colours. They are imported so you have the choice of std delivery(2-3 weeks) or you can use sea freight(8-10) which will save quite a bit of money if you have a longer lead time. Please check the price list for the savings and have a drink or two on us!!

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We can deliver nation wide and whether you are looking for stubby holders in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide or any other mainland capital city, we have free delivery on stubby holders and other neoprene products to all East Coast Capital Cities. For additional freight to other capitals or country locations see our price list.

Here is a price list of our general promo products range and minimum quantities!

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