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Marketing in Australia: The Great Victorian Bike Ride

Great Victorian Bike Race
The Great Victorian Bike Ride is one of the biggest and most important cycling events in the country. According to, approximately 4,000 people are expected to bike nearly 600 kilometers in November of 2012. It’s an incredible journey – and an incredible opportunity for marketers.

The Market For The Great Victorian Bike Ride

The Great Victorian Bike Ride passes through a wide swath of Victoria. In the interest of providing the bikers with the most scenic and interesting ride possible, it travels through numerous towns and tourist locations. This means that the riders are seen up close by thousands of people. Anyone who happens to be walking down a street, looking through a window, or actively waiting to watch when the bikers pass through will get a good long look at them. As a result, these cyclists offer a chance for marketing that’s comparable to many spectator sports, and virtually any of the same tactics that work in those will work with this event.

Another important thing to consider is, of course, the bikers themselves. These thousands of people will form a tight-knit bond over the week they spend riding together, and they will get used to seeing familiar sights among each other: the bikes they ride, the clothes they wear, the equipment they carry. These are things they’ll all be seeing over and over again throughout their ride, and they will forever associate what they see there with excitement, adventure and camaraderie. Many companies spend millions trying to create that exact association – and for good reason.

Seizing the Opportunity

Arguably the best way to take advantage of the Great Victorian Bike Ride is to use promotional products. There are several ways to do this:

1. Form a Team

Create a company team who will join the ride. Invest in a promotional uniform for the whole team, with caps and shirts bearing the company logo. Make sure that everything is attractive, color-coordinated, comfortable, and made for the hard use it will be seeing – and be sure that everyone who’s signing up is ready for such a long ride! It’s not cheap to enter (the price for joining this year will be about $850), and paying for the promotional uniforms will add to the cost if you don’t have them in stock already, but the exposure for your brand will be well worth it.

2. Sales

Another great way to get your goods in the hands of more riders is to set up a few vendors selling your promotional products at highly visible locations along the ride’s many stops. Great options include selling drinks and promotional stubby or water bottle holders side by side – the riders will be grateful for the thermal drink containers on days when the weather’s less than comfortable. Water bottles are another good idea, as many riders may end up losing their current bottles or deciding they need a second.

If you set up in a populated area, you’ll likely attract plenty of locals as well. Be sure to embrace all comers! However, if you really want to get your products in the hands of the bikers, consider giving them lower prices than the general public. Try to avoid buy-one-get-one-free strategies, since the bikers aren’t likely to want to carry a whole lot of extra stuff they don’t need right away.

3. Giveaways

Why not simply give your promotional items away? Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and the bikers will be far more likely to take your logo for the ride if you offer the product it’s attached to for free! Set up at one of the early stops and put up a sign advertising “Free for Participating Cyclists,” and soon your product will disappear from the shelves and show up all across Victoria. Using words like supporting, sponsoring etc will also enhance your brand’s name. That’s well worth the cost of the goods.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to get your logo better-known, better-recognized and better-loved – start peddling to peddlers!

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