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Deluxe Screenprint Stubby Holder with Base Taped, Sewn and Overlocked

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Stubby With Base,Taped & Sewn Side Seam-Overlocked Edges

Code: SHA-5

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Stubby With Base,Taped Sewn Side Seam-Deluxe Overlocking.

Made from 5mm neoprene with glued and stitched seams and glued in base. Overlocked edges for extra toughness.

These deluxe imported holders come in a great range of colours. They are imported so you have the choice of standard delivery (2-3 weeks) or using sea freight (8-10) which can save you quite a bit of money. Please check price list for the savings and have a drink or two on us!!

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Remember that we deliver Australia wide and whether you are looking for stubby holders Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or any other capital city, we have free delivery on our stubbies and other neoprene products to East Coast Capital Cities. For additional freight to other capitals or regional areas please see our price list.

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