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Building Brand Recognition With Promotional Products

In the world of the consumer, there are many features that help an individual in making the financial investment they participate in on a daily basis. Whether it is buying groceries in a store, deciding on the restaurant for lunch or even buying a car, careful thought is put into every financial investment. Price is often considered a lead influence in the investment process.

Building Brand recognition with the Stubby Holder

Building Brand recognition with the Stubby Holder

Quality of goods or services also plays its role in helping an individual to decide where to invest their money. While price and quality both play their own roles, one of the largest influences of the investment decision making process is found with brand recognition. It is surprising to many to discover that even with the impact that quality and price have on the investing decision process; brand recognition is often the leading influence. Consumers are attracted to familiarity and this is why a person is more likely to spend more in order to attain the brand name rather than just the product.

With this understanding of the importance of brand recognition, it is essential to invest in marketing opportunities that will help you in establishing this recognition. A stubby holder represents a unique and ideal opportunity in establishing this necessary brand recognition. A stubby holder is a neoprene product that wraps around bottles, aluminum cans and other drink containers to assist in keeping the beverage cool.

For a company looking to establish brand recognition, nothing compares to the possibilities offered by distributing a branded stubby holder to clients, consumers and investors. With the promotional gift of a stubby holder, business partners will discover that they have received a promotional product that has real world uses. So many promotional items are discarded or shoved into a corner because they serve no real purpose. With a branded stubby holder you are providing a useful item that your business associates will regularly use.

It may seem odd to utilize a stubby holder as a marketing tool but it offers an opportunity that is not found with many marketing solutions, the ability to bring in new and most importantly repeat business. A stubby holder assists in building brand recognition due specifically to its usefulness.

When a person goes on vacation they use a stubby holder to keep their drink cool in transit. When they are in the office they use a stubby holder so that they can take their time consuming their beverage, keeping it cool throughout the work day. At home the stubby holder is utilized to keep beverages cool while doing chores, watching television and even hanging out with family and friends.

With the stubby holder always in use, your brand name will always be present, helping to build company recognition with the user and with the individuals the user is with. To discover more on the marketing ability of the stubby holder visit